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“Mathematics is the only exact science. All power under heaven and on earth is given to the man who masters the simple science of mathematics.
The Ultimate high For An Analyst is when his Trade Idea goes RIGHT! On the Other hand, The Most Challenging Part is Being Able To Detect The Market Trend.”

In the Year 2008,,Twenty Year Old Pankaj Bhardwaj Mehta waited with bated breath for his father to come back from work.This was soon after the Break Out of Harshad Mehta’s stock manipulation scheme, that rocked the Indian Markets.
Pankaj’s father was one the many investors who had picked the pieces but Scam affected Pankaj in a very different way- He began to Develop an interest in the concept of volatility in Stock Exchanges.
Every day after college , he would skim through the Economic Times,trying to understand the picture of graphs and the up & down arrows against the Stock’s name. After reading and story of ketan parekh sacm in 2008,i knew Enough to understand our portfolios from getting eroded. it made me wonder- was it possible that someone made money on the downfall of the market.’

This led to a dedicated pursuit of the answer in the short run,and a successful career as proprietary trader and analyst in long run.

On the way,Pankaj obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Institute of Management and Research.
Pankaj also Worked under sub broker of Shri Parasram Holdings Pvt. Ltd.In 2009, he joined Bazarclicks Research Pvt Ltd,in banglore, and at the same time started Writing Blog for Day trader and Positional Trader.
After researching on US market and Europeon Market.He also started future forecasting journey on Indian stock market by predicting Nifty’s future daily movement., he discovered so many charting techniques & strategies by using Gann Angles and Harmonic Waves With Fibonacci Ratios. He found that everything is hidden in the chart, One just needs to Track on right time with the right method .

Trading is a tough field to be in , almost like An Every Day Gamble.He Sums up with Some general investment Advice-‘India is a growth story in the making. in case of lack of knowledge.educate yourself instead of taking ‘tips’ from Sources. Be patient,treat the Trading activity as a Business and not as a Casino.The Way you treat It, the same way it will response.

Improper position sizing.


  • Never add to a losing position.
  • Always determine a stop and a profit objective before entering a trade. Place stops based on market information, not your account balance. If a “proper” stop is too expensive, don’t do the trade.
  • Remember the “power of a position.” Never make a market judgment when you have a position.
  • Your decision to exit a trade means you perceive changing circumstances. Don’t suddenly think you can pick a price, exit at the market.

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  • Buy the rumor, sell the news.
  • News is only important when the market doesn’t react in the direction of the news.
  • Read today’s paper tomorrow. When you read yesterday’s paper each day with the knowledge of what the market already did, you will affirm that this mornings paper with yesterday’s news has nothing to do with today’s market.

Teach me!
  • On the open, never enter a new trade in the direction of a gap. Never let the market make you make a trade. (Closing an existing position is obviously ok.)
  • The first and last tick are the most expensive. Get in late and out early.
  • When everyone is in, it’s time to get out.
  • Never trade when you are sick.


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