Bank Nifty Future Direction For 27 April, Above 17030,Rally Will Continue, For Quick gain , Grap jublefood @ opening Bell, & Yes I love Lupin & Wockhard, very Big Move On card, I hate Tcs. On Rise Only Sell Tcs, Sharp Downfall on card, jai ho!!


Bank Nifty Last closed
Yes In Panic Only Buy,  With With Stoploss of 16758,  Above 17030 Will Seeeeee More Rally Upto___17256______17380


Jublefood,Last closed @ 1319
Yes Catch @ opening Bell , Above 1305,
Will Zoooooooooooom To kiss 1345______1360 in Today’s Session

lupin- bull

Lupin Last Closed @ `1579,
Yes Grap @ Opening Bell Above 1570, Looking So Hot.. Dooor Will be
Open 1628_____1640 Level


Wockhard Last Closed @ 1036
Catch me if you Can Above 1027 Will Seeeeeeeeeeeee Big Blasssssssst Upto_____1105 __1117

Lower Support @ 1005____990, Yes Any Decline Or Panic Session
Only Buy

tcs-sellTcs last closed @ 2490,
Yes, Sell,Sell Sell Sell On Rise Only Sell, & Relax Till 2 PM If u will seee 2510 ___2525 Level,
In today’s Trading Session
Blindly Short…. & Relax.., Will Seee Sharp.. Panic

Updated At 8:50 Am 27/April/Delhi/India

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