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Bank Nifty Future Direction For 28 Sep ,Above 17356 Level Small Rally , Grap ACC @ Opening Bell , Yes Buy I Love Techm


Yes, Keep Eyes On 17356 Level  Yes Once Cross this Rally Will

Seeeeeeeeee Intraday Upside Upto____________17480_____17530

Support @ 17030___16970


CATCH ACC @ Opening Bell  yes Above 1336  Keeeep Stoplosss of 1325  & Go Long,

Our Target_1356_1371


Yes Do U remember from 490 Level, We Boldy Written That, Now Worst is Over

Yes Now Above 560 , Will Seeeeeeeeeee BIG MOVE AGAIN ,

Our Mantra Any Decline Or Panic Session Only buy Only Buy,

OUR TARGET_597_____605


Yes Below 4580 Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Panic Upto 4536___________4520 Its Only for Intraday,

Yes Onething Is Sure  Something is Cooking Very Big In Maruti

In OCT Series Will See 5000 Level, or 4000 Level 101% Some Will Come Out very Big

4605 Will Act As Laxman Rekha,  Once Cross then Only Think About Buying

Personally I Advise If nifty Moved Above 8030 Then only Think About Maruti for Buy SIDE

Updated At 8:40 Am 28/Sep /Delhi/India

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