Bank Nifty Future Direction For 29 Feb ,Laxman Rekha zone 14060_14156, Yes Grap Hindpetro @ Opening Bell, SELL JSWSTEEL Lookking Tired @ higher Level, Yes I Love Maruti , JAI HO!!


Yes, Today Just Concentrate On These Two levels,
14060_______14156 Level

  Yes Real Blasssssssssssssst, Once Cross 14060  & Stay Above this level, Atleat
15-20 Minutes, Then only Will Seee Blassst

es GRAB MARCH FUTURE, & HOLD, Any Decline Or Panic Session In Hind petro
Only Buy & RELAX,  Above  Above 660, Will Seeeeeeee
Firework Upto___685___700


Yes Looking Tired @ Higher Level,  below 1105, Looking Weak Only
Buy Crucial Support @ 1090,  Once Break & Stay Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Our TARGET_____1056_____1033


I Love Maruti, & Any Decline Or Panic Sesssion Only Buy,  YES ONE POSITIVE NEWS ON CARD
Around  3330_3320  WITH SL 3315

Updated At 9:15 Am 29/FEB/Delhi/India

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