Bank Nifty Roadmap for 13 July, Our Laxman Rekha 18856 ,keep Eyes On Tcs & Infy, Dead Cat Bounce On Card, Yes Century-Textile & M&M Looking Tired @ Higher Level, jai ho!!


Yes We Are Long From 18050 Level, But We Will Exit Today From Our All Buying Position
And No Doubt, Big Trapping on card,,

From 17000 To 18650 In 12 Trading Sesssion
COUNT-DOWN- 13 days
Today We will Make Short, Around 12:30 To Between 2 Pm, Not for Intraday , We will Make
for Position trading
OUR LAXMAN REKHA 18856 Level, 


Last closed @ 2464

Yes Above 2476  Just Grap It,  Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Dead Cat Bounce


GRAP INFY @ OPENING BELL, & RELAX,  Once Cross 1182, Level, Willll
Zooooom to Kiss- 1205__1215 Level

& Don’t Panic @ Lower Level,


Once Again , We are Indicating Looking Tired @ Higher Level, From 1480 To 1444,
You Already Enjoyed,

Yes Our Laxman Rekha Zone Now 1490______1505,  Go Short, Near Our Range
& Relax,

century-22222222222century-textileLast closed  @692

Yes Already Told About This From 692 To 668

Yes Have Eyes On Our Laxman Rekha Zone 696__________705,
Yes One Positive News On Card Also,  So Fresh Round of Buying  If Cross 710 Level, Only !!
Otherwise,,Looking Tired,  Will Seeeeeee Panic Upto_672____665

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Our ID :Marketbhavishyareport
Our Telegram Group :

Updated At 8:51 Am 13/ JULY /Delhi/India

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