Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 12-May, if Today Close Above 13900, Catch DLF  @ Opening Bell, & Bank India LAXMAN REKHA  @ 246 .yes I Love ONGC, ORIENTAL Bank,

Bank Nifty Future 
We Boldly mentioned In Last 10 Post of Bank Nifty, You Can Check We Boldly Updated, 12800 Only MANDI,

As Expected Not Break, & Cross Our Hurdle 13056, We Updated More Than 5 Times, Go Long Above 13056,

Our Target Were 13456_____13600

Yes, Any Decline Or Panic Session Only Buy Yes, Our Crucial Support @ 13600___________13456,

HEADING TOWARDS 14020_________14100

CATCH DLF @ OPENING BELL Yes Above 142,  Our Target_149______152
Yes Our Crucial Support @ 137______133

Dont Panic @ Lower Level,

GRAP ONGC @ OPENING BELL Above 345, No Wooory @ All, 
Our Target________360_________367
Yes, Once Cross 246,  & Stay Above Then We Seeee Only Bull Vala Power

Yes, Above 246, You Can Go Long, & Relax,!!

LAXMAN REKHA @ 610 & yes Sure,  Will Take  Fresh Buy For Long,

Yes Intraday Panic Will Happen  If Break 582, & Stay Then 
Slide Upto_574__________570

Yes HURDLE 602_______610

Updated At 7:35 Am 12/May/Delhi/India

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