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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 14-July,  Below 14670, No Buying @ ALL, but friday’s Low is very Very Crucial  & Relax !! , Catch HUL @ OPENING BELL , RANBAXY LAXMAN REKHA @ 560 , I Love ONGC, TATASTEEL, BPCL,

Last Friday We Boldly Updated, below 14910,  We Seeeeeee Only Panic 
Upto 14670,_________ 14580

Made Low of 14460.10  & closed 14500

Yes,  below 14670,  Major Problem,   But Not Break  Friday’s Low

Above 640,   Just Grap @ Opening Bell,  
We Seeeee 651________656,  Thereafter More Firework Upto________670

Crucial Support @ 495__________491, 

Yes, Once Break 491, We Seeeee Panic Upto_483___476,

Yes, Choice Is Your  LION HEART TRADER Can  Take RIsk for Buy SIDE,

Upper Side We Seee 512______517 Level,

LAXMAN REKHA 560,  Yes, Once Cross 560, & Stay Above This Level,
Will Take to 576____590 Level, 

Yes, Onething is Sure, Something Is very Very Big In PHARMA STOCK !!!

Keeeeeeep Stoploss of 391__________388

Buy  Small Small Qty,  We Seeee 405________410   Yes,  410, Will ACT As Laxman REKHA, !!!

Updated At 08:00 Am 14/July/Delhi/India

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