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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 28-July,  15670 Were Our Laxman REKHA,, Not Able to Cross, Crucial Support  15238_____15156, I Love RANBAXY,,ITC, HUL,

Below 15376,  Little Bit Panic On Card,,
But Our Crucial Support @ 15238______________________15156

OUR LAXMAN REKHA 15670,  So many Times I told you,,,!!
Use Your Brain Two Time It Kissed 15650
& Crashed Vertically!!

Can Weeee Seeee 15900 FIRST  OR 14900 FIRST   Before Expiry!!

Hurdle @  15470, Once Cross We Seeeeee  15600_______15670
Thereafter More Fire  On cross 15670


Yes Once Cross 361, We Seeeeee Blassssssssssssssssst upto______
367______372, Thereafter More fire !!

Any Decline or Panic Session Only Buy ITC

Above 648, No Wooory @ All, 

Break Out Point  @ 648, Yes, Will Not Panic @ Lower Level,

LAXMAN RKHA @ 667, Yes Once Cross  Then We Seee 681___________685 Level, 

Will Not Panic @ Lower Level, Any Decline Panic Session 
Only Buy !!!

Crucial Support @ 201_________198.

Yes Once Break 198 , We Seeeee Panic Upto_________ 190______186
HURDLE @ 205_207

Updated At 8:30 Am 28/July/Delhi/India

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