Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 29-APRIL, Above 13005,Just Relax,, Catch CANARABANK @ OPENING BELL, I Love IOB, BANKINDIA, JAIN IRRIGATION

Yes, Already Updated Above 13005, We Seeeee Strenth In Bank Nifty
Yes, We Are Long, Our Lower Support  12900__12850

Our Short-Term Target ___________13460_______13535
We Are Not Interested To Sell Bank Nifty, Our Mantra Any Decline Or
Panic Sesssion Will Buy

Yes, I Love JAIN IRRIGATION , & Yesterday We Were Long Above 75,
Our Intraday Target Were 87_89

Yes, It Kissed 83, & Closed @  82, 

Above 80 , Our Target_______________87______________89,

Yes,CC People Will Buy After Our Update ?????


Our Above 290, Our Target____311___315

Yes Your Stoploss Will Be 283_________280, & Go LONG!!!!

Yes Our LAXMAN REKHA @ @ 246, , Yes We Are Highly Bullish
Something is very Big Cooking,  Once Cross 246 & Closed Above This
Non-Stop Rally Upto______270_276

Yesterday Updated Buy @ 235, Made Exact Low Of 235, & TAKEN U TURN!!
Yes Our Mantra : Any Decline Or Panic   Only Buy!

Yes,NoBody Can Stop Open Challenge !!!!!!

275 Will Act As LAXMAN REKHA , Yes Once Break 268, We Seee Panic

Below 275, Not Interested To buy 

Updated At 8:35 Am 29/April/Delhi/India

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