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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 3APRIL, Laxman Rekha 13005  , Intraday Panic Can Be Happpen if Break 12550,, Till Then Just Relax!!, I Love Yes Bank, Union Bank, L& T, IRB Infra, IDFC


yesterday We Boldly Updated ,HURDLE @ 12765, Once Cross Then Will Take Toooooo 12905______12970 Thereafter More Firework Upto____13005

It Kissed 12835 & Closed @ 12805,

Yes, Above 12905,  If Stay Atleast 15-20 Minute Then  Will Zoooooom to Kisss

Our Laxman REKHA ! 13005

Yes Once Cross & Stay Will Make  Fresh Buy Position Only Above 13005, 
Mark My Word , 3 Consecutive + Weebly CLosing Above 13005, Will Take Toooooooooo

CATCH YES BANK Future @ Opening BELL, Yes, Above 416, Just Relax,,,,,,

Our TGT________435_____439

Your Stoploss 416_______412, & Go Long !!!!!


Yes, Above 1290, Just Relax !!!!!,  Yes Lion HEART TRADER CAN Buy  With Stoploss
Of 1275,  Once Cross 1320,   We Seeeee Blassssssssssssst


Above 142, Go Long , Just Relax,,,,  Yesterday ALready Updated You On Twitter

Our TGT_152__________155,  Yes If you Are Positional Trader,
Buy & Forget We Seee 170+ Level In COming Days !!!!


Above 132, Just Relax!!!!  Will Zooooom to Kisss 139___________141

Yes your Stoploss will Be 128______126

Updated At 9:12 Am /3April/Delhi/India

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