Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for -4-Aug,  ,Below 15156, Intraday Panic  Will be Start,,,, , Catch LT @ Opening Bell, Last Hope 389 In Canara Bank 


BANKNifty Future

Above is the chart of Banknifty Daily Chart,, 

But Our Crucial Support @ 15167____15156

Once Break 15156, We Seeeeeeee Slideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, Once Break 14900, We Seeeee Big Panic On CARD !!!

HURDLE @ 15376________15430,

Once Cross 15376, keeeeep SL 15340  & Go Long, 
W Seeee 15450____15533

Catch LT Future @ Opening Bell,  Above 1465, Just  Relax !!!!

Keeeep Stoploss of 1458_______1453,  & Go Long,,

We Seee 1490________1505 Level, Thereafter More firework Upto_1535

Crucial Support @ 491_____________489,

Yes Once Break 489, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SLide Upto

Yes Sure, Lion Heart Trade, Can Take 2-3 Rs Risk & Buy 
We Seeeee 402_________405 Level, In Upside

Updated At 8:55 Am 4/Aug/Delhi/India

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