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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 4-July,  Above 15376, Only Buy  & Relax !! , Catch TATAMOTORS @ Opening BELL, WIPRO FUT Above 548, Eat FOr fasssssst Gain , I Love RANBAXY,& Biocon

Today Have Eyes, On 15672, Level, Very carefully, Once Cross
We Seeeee Blasssssssssst Upto_15850___15900

Yes, Lion Heart Trader, Keeep Stoplosss of 15450, & Go Long, 
Above 15600, We Seeee Blasssssssssssst

Intraday Support 15450_____________15376,

Buy @ Opening BELL , Yes, ABove 465 , Grap TATAMOTORS  Fut,
@ Opening Bell, & Relax, !!!

yes, Anytime We Seeeeee Blasssssssssssssssssst, Upto_496_____505.
Thereafter More Fire,

Yes, GRAP Wipro Fut  @ Opening  bell , & Relax, Above 548,   No Wooory
@ All,  , We Seeee 565_572,

Yes Lower Support @ 542_539,

In IT STOCK, SPECIALLY  TECHM- & WIPRO, Will Get Something Big,

Intraday Support @ 527____________521, 
Yes Lion Heart Trader,  Above 530, Just Grap It,   We Seeeeeeeee
542___________549, Thereafter More Fire

Crucial Support @ 442_____________438,

Yes, If Break 438, We Seeeee Intraday Panic Upto___________430_427
Thereafter More Panic On Card !!!!

Intraday Support 552_____________548, 

Yes, Any Decline Or Panic Only Buy ,  We Seeee Big Move In COming Days,

Yes 573, Will Act as Laxman Rekha  ONCE CROSS THEN ONLY WE SEEE
FIREWORK upto________605,_615

Updated At 09:00 Am 4/July/Delhi/India

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