Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 4 March,Below 10650, More Panic We Seee Sharp Fall ,  I Love TATASTEEL, ADANI ENTERPRISE

Yes, Below 10700, More Panic On Card, Suppose Not Cross 10863, & Stay below 0700
We Seeee PAnic  Upto_____10615_______10565_______10519
Crucial Support  337_335,.   MAJOR HURDLE @ 351__________353, 

Yes, Once  Cross 353, We Seeee Blasssssssssssssssssssst Upto________361______365
Yes,  Our MAntra Will Not Panic @ Lower Level 

Yes, Above 260, No Worrry @ ALL,   , Keeeep Stoploss of 255_253,

Go Long We Seeeee 289_295________Levels, In 1 or @ Days !!!

Updated At 9:05 pm 4/March/Delhi/India

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