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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 5 Feb, Above 10305, We Seee One Deat Cat Bounce  Catch ICICI BANK,@ Opening bell,I Love HCLTECH, TECHM,, 

As Expected Yesterday’s Trading ession Crashed,, Below 10150,

Yes, Above 10305, We Seeee Raaaly Upto_________ 10380_10435,
Thereafter More Fire Work Upto___10475__10511,

Buy ICICI BANK @ Opening BELL,  Yes, Above 960, 
WILL SEE 985_______990  _1005,

Yes Your Stoploss will be Yesterday ‘sLow

Crucial Support @ 1375_______1360, Yes,,, TILL THEN JUST RELAX,,

Take @ Full Risk,, Above 1390, We Seee Blassssssssssssst upto+1430_____1450

Updated At 9:10 Am 5/Feb/Delhi/India

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