Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 5-May, More Panic Only Below 12800,  , GRAB AUROBINDO @ Opening Bell, I Love DLF for This Week


Yes, Very Very Crucial Support @ 12850__12800,

Below 12800, We See panic Upto_12635___________12575,
Yes, SURE, Not Interested To Buy  Any banking Stock

MAJOR HURDLE @ 13056____13080


Already Updated About AUROBINDO PHRAMA, Above 593, 
Our Target_____635_644.

yes, Our Lower SUpport 580_575 

We Are Long from This Stock from @540 


Below 796 , We Seee Panic Panic Panic Panic upt0_781____775
Yes HURDLE @ 809_815


Yes, Our Support Zone 137_133, & Yes Sure We Will Not Panic 
@ Lower Level,

Yes, Our Target_147_______151_________153

Already Updated to Prefect Strategy To Subscriber, For This Week,


Yes, Our Support @ 387_-382,   Lion Heart Trader,  Can Buy With Stoploss
Or Buy Near Our Support,

We See One DEAD CAT BOUCE  Upto_402________406_________409

Updated At 8:50 Am 5/May/Delhi/India

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