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Gold-Comex: Already mentioned 1305 Its Our LAXAMAN REKHA, Worst Can Be Over Above 1305,, Can We Seee 1345_1360 Level ????

Above Is the CHart of Gold COmex, Weekly Chart, & Already Updated About Gold
@ 28 March  LAXMAN REKHA @ 1305 1305 We Seee Panic Upto_1290_1282, if Break 1282 Then only See Panic otherwise-no-more-selling.html

Above 1305, All Positional Trader, Buy With Stoploss of 1286, & Go Long

Our Target____________1345______1352

Already Updated To Subscriber, Above 28360, Will Zooooom  28570_____ 28630
Yes your Stoploss will be 28200

Updated At 03:20 pm /08 April/Delhi/India

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