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Gold-Comex : Last Hope With 1282 Level, If Break Then Only See Fresh Round Of SELLING, otherwise No More SELLING!!!!

2 Days Back, We Boldly Updated  now @ 1315 Keeeep Stoploss of 1327 & Go Short

As Expected Gold Kisssed Our Lower Target, 1290__________1282

Now Trading @ 1296.  Yes Risky Trader, Keeep SL 1305 & Go  Short,,

Yes, Fresh RUND OF SELLING ONly  1282, 
Very Very Crucial Support @ 1282, If Break & Closed Below This Level, Will
Seeeee Real Blood Bath

HURDLE @ 1305, , Once Cross & Stay We Seee DEAD CAT BOUNCE

Updated At 11:34 pm /28 March/Delhi/India

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