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N-Gas Mcx: Now  Trading @ 344, Suddenly Made Low 343,,Yes, Dont Panic @ All Our Lower Support @  338_335,

Already Updated To Subscriber,  Our Below  365, Will Slide Upto__352_348 
Thereafter Panic Upto______343_____338,

Yes Sure, In Betweeen 343_______338 , Our Mantra Only Buy,
& Dont Panic @ Lower Level

Now N-Gas Trading @ 344,, Yes Buy Small Small Qty  Will Seeee SHARP U TURN
Will Take To _352______357____ 362

Don’t JUMP & BUY, Its @ Huble Request, Already Eat Real Cream, So many Times
So Don’t be Hurry, Dont Trader More Than 5 Lot,,,,,, Plz, Plz, 
If you have Any problem Or ANy Query Then Call Me 8010808014

Updated At 11:25 pm 24/feb/Delhi/India

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