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Nickel-Copper Mcx:  Yes, We Expect, No More Panic Selling,One Dead Cat Bounce Will Come

Copper On Higher Level, We Boldly Written No MORE TEJI
@ 416_419,

On 1 MAY We Updated

Already Updated To Subscriber, Via SMS Buy @ 401 , 
Our Crucial Support @ 398________396

Yes, Above 402, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rally Upto________407_________409
Thereafter Will Kiss 413

Yes. Crucial Support @ 815___________807

 Yes, Suppose Not Break & Stay Above  830, Will Zooooooooooooom
To Kiss 846______854 Level, 

In Panic Buy between 810_____________800 & Relax for 48 HR

Therefter More firework 

Updated At 11:30 Am 22/MAY/Delhi/India

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