Nifty Future Direction for 2 May, Yes Keep Eyes on 7830 Level, Very Crucial Support, for Day Trader, Today Watch 12:45 To 2:15 Very High High Volatile Session, jai ho!!

Last closed @ 7894

Yes No Doubt Friday’s low is very very crucial, on Upside,  7927______7947
Will Act As Laxman Rekha,

If today, Nifty will cross 7947, & Stay Atleast for 15- minutes,  Then , Take @ Small
Risk & Go Long, With Stoploss of 7927

Very Crucial Support @ 7830  Yes once Break then only we Seeeeeeeeeeeeee
Panic Slide Upto__ upto____7776_____7747 Level

On 8005 Level, Showing Real Hurdle, Yes  No Doubt. Yes Have eyes on Level, of
8005 Only,  & 80% Chance this level, Will Gap Up Any Day..

Mark My Word, 3 consecutive Closing above 8005, will Take Toooo 8176_______8236
Yes, Between These Level, Honeymoon Can be over, !!

Yes from 11 May We Start, Services For Small Trader, or Retailers.or for Learners

Updated At 6:14 Am 2/May/Delhi/India

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