Nifty Future Direction for 3 May, Yes Keep Eyes on 7830_7805 Level, from 10:00 To 12:45 one Side, 15 minute chart Indicating, jai ho!!

catLast closed @7840

Yes Yesterday Low is very very Crucial, Our Support Zone.. Were 7830______7805 Level
Yes Onething is Sure..Something is very Big in This Week.
Yes One Side Rally  from 10:00 To 12:45 Pm.
time-10 am

nifty-3 may
Yes Any Decline or Panic Session If you will Near About 7770________7747 Level
Only Buy. Below 7830 Panic  Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeee
Panic upto______7770____7747 Level

7905______7927 Will Act As Laxman Rekha!!
Yes Fresh Round of Buying Once Cross 7927 level, & Stay Atleast for 15 minute  Then only think
for buying Otherwise no buying!!

Updated At 8:14 Am 3/May/Delhi/India

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