Nifty Future Direction for 1Oct Yes, Now Sell Nifty Future @ Near 8056____8070 & Relax, Don’t Buy, Yes Big Trap On Card,


Yes yerteday It Not Breaked, Our Subscriber   Short @ 7747  With SL 7770 ,  YES
25 Pts Losss, But..,, We don’t Buy Because Yesterday Lot of pressure
In Bank nifty Yes, Still,

Our Laxman Rekha Zone 8056_______8070

Yes Lion HEART TRADER CAN GO SHORT for 2 Days,   & Relax

nifty-1 oct

Buy 7600 Put In Tons, & Sleeep,  InGlobal Mkt Will Seeee BLACK MONDAY, TOOOOO

Will Seeee Panic of 100_150 Pts,
Lowe Target_7770___-7747,


Do U Remember At the time of Big Panic in Nifty, from 8500 Level, 8000 Level, Were Showing
Very Strong Level,  & After So many Attempts Break  & U Seeeen Big Panic
8000 Level,

Yes It means,, Be Ready  For Big Move In This Month, Yes But  for 2 Days, Will Seeee
Panic First ,

Yes In panic Will think for Buy But Our Buying Range Will be 7947______7927

Updated At 8:35 Am 1/ OCT /Delhi/India

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    Hello sir,
    In ur blog u have mentioned that it is going to be a black monday and the lower tgt is 7770 -7747 and also u have mentioned that u will start buying around 7947 – 7927 level my doubt is when it will come to 7770 – 7747 level then what is the point in buying around 7947 – 7927. l m little confuse.

    • Dear Sir.. Little bit Typing Mistake,, Lower TGT- 7947_7927
      So Soory for That,, Actually I am ON Holiday, Team is Updating… Blog.. Will come Back On MONDAY, !!

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