Nifty Future Roadmap for 27-Sep, Yes 8727_____8670 is our support, zone, will not sell any Thing Between this range

nifty-2Last closed @ 8735

Yes Our Crucial Support Zone @ 8727___8670 Yes,  No Doubt, Will Not Interested to Sell
Between This Level,

Suppose Nifty Stay Above 8756, Will Zoooooom to kiss 8790____8830 Level

One thing very Clear, In coming Days, From 
Between 28 Sep To 10 Oct One Side Move, No Father Mentioned About this Rally
Yes Pure Upside Rally but after one panic From this Date

Option Strategy :  Buy 8900 Call  Price Range of 4 To 6
& Relax,…@@@@

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Updated At 8:40 Am 27/ Sep /Delhi/India

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