Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 10-june, Hurdle @ Target  7720,,  Be Caution @ Higher Level,,

Last  Laxt @ 7669, Yes,   Above 7670, Will Tryy To ZOOOOOM 
To KISSSS 7720,,

YES Our HURDLE & TARGET______________ 7720

Be Caution @ Higher Level, Already 2 Gap Up Opening ,
1Gap @ 7505
2-Gap @ 7623

Yes, If Today Again Gap Up Opening Then Be Caution @ Higher Level,

Don’t Forget Our HURDLE @ 7720,

Crucial Level, @ 7623___________________7601,

Yes, Intraday Panic Only When Break 7601, Only Little Bit Panic,

If ANy Panic  Or Sharpfall, Come, WIll Not Panic @ Lower Level

Will Update More During Trading Hours, Via SMS!!!!

Updated At 08:20 Am 10/June/Delhi/India

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