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Nifty Trading Strategy,  5570 Will Act As Laxman Rekha,, be Ready for 200 Pts Move, On CARD !!!


Above is the Weekly Chart  
5570 Will Act As Laxman Rekha,  Yes, Once Crosss then We Seeeeeee

Big Blassst In Market !!!

 it will take to 5735-5767   but i need closing above this level…atleast 3 days
Trade with level 

Updated At 5:04 Pm /1 june/delhi/india

Nifty Future Trading Strategy  Watch Bearish H & S Pattern On  Weekly Chart ,  be Ready for Big Fall, , But Trade with Levels


Above Is the Chart of Nifty Spot Weekly Chart  & Its Indicating That,
In Coming Days Nifty Will Slide
Upto__________ 4533_______4470

Our Utimate TARGET_4300

All Technical Student Have You Seeeeen  H & S Bearish Pattern On Weekly CARD!!!

Updated At 1.15 Pm /30 May/Delhi

 Crude-Mcx  : Already Mentioned yesterday Cover Your All Short position ,  & Above  5120  Will Seee DEAD CAT BOUNCE

Yesterday we Boldly Mentioned To Subscriber,  Via SMS

Below 5220 , No Buying @ ALL, 

It Made Low Of 5103, 

Already  Eaten 100 pts….    But If Not Break  5080,  & Stay Above 5120
Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Dead cat Bouce

Updated At 9:20 Am /12 Feb/delhi/india

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