RBI- Policy Strategy: Yes Kuch Bhi ho ,Aaapko Paisa Milenga, Buy BankNifty 20000 Call & Relax, Now What to Expect ????

ow Buy 20000 VALA Call @ 38.20 ,Yes Now  We already Bought @ 32
Yes, Today   19735 Will Act As Laxman Rekha, Once Cross 19770 Will Zooooooooooooooooom
To kiss 20129 Level,

wake8Yes, Trading @ 8785
Yes, lion Heart Trader Can Buy With Stoploss of 8756 Level, Your Risk
only for 30 Rs…

Go Long, Our Upside Target Will Be 8870___8905
Note:  Today , is very High Volatile day , So Keep Position With Tight Stoploss

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Updated At 13:45 pm 4/ Oct /Delhi/India

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