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Silver-Comex,: Laxman Rekha @ $20.30,  Can We See Big Move ???

Above  is The Chart  Of Silver Comex, Weekly Chart,

Yes, Weekly Chart Showing That , $20.30 Will Act As LAXMAN REKHA

Once Cross $20 .30 & Stay Above This Level , We Seeee
Unexpected level,  In NEXT TWO DAYS!!!

Can We Seeeee 21.10_____21.40, In This WEEEEEK,,,

Lower Support @ $19.50_____19.30.

Now Silver Trading @ 44750,  Yes, Late Night In Comex, We Seeee blassssssssssssst   

Yes Already Updated To Subscriber,

Our LAXMAN REKHA @ 45050, Yes, Lion HEART TRADER  Above 44600,  Keeeep SL- 44200, & GO LONG, Yes,, Take Full Risk,,,

Once Cross 45050, & Stay Above This Level , We See 45605_45900
Thereafter More Firework 

Look @ Now Everyone Trying To Open Our Password protected
Area,  Yes Only Paid Members Can Open & Read

Receive Lot of email For Password, &  But Didn’t Send Any Password To Anyone,
Paid members,Don’t Share Our Password To Anyone

Updated At 10:10 pm 11/feb/Delhi/India

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