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Stock Trading strategy For 12 Oct ,Yes Sell Bajaj Auto@ Opening Bell , Below 2460,, Ceat Looking So Tired, On RISE ONLY SELL SELL SELL, I Love AUROBINDO, & IBULHOSINg

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yes Keeep Stoplos of 2278___2286  Yes below 2260, Will Seeeeeeeeeeee
Panic Upto_2219_____2205


Now HONEYMOON IS OVER,   Yes Below 1256, No Buying @ ALL, Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Panic upto 1182___1166

You CAN SELL NEAR 1233____-1240,  If u Seeen Today. Or Below 1205, More panic On card


IN AUROBINDO, Do U Know On 8 Oct we boldly Written, Don’t Panic


YES AGAIN SHOUTING, Above  780 , Just Relax,  Our Target __________805__817
Thereafter More firework

Updated At 8:40 Am 12/ Oct /Delhi/India

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