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Stock Trading strategy For 14 Oct ,Yes GRAP IBULHSGFIN@ Opening Bell , Yes Keep Eyes On INFY, & Sunpharma, both Stock, Looking Good @ lower Level, JAI HO!!

looking So Hot-2

Last closed @732

YES Now GRAP @ Opening Bell, & Sleeep,   WILL SEEEEE SHARP  U TURN

Yes Your stoploss will be 716_705 & Go  Long

Upside Target_745________752 Thereafter More firework  Upto 770


Keeep Stoploss 1075_____1060   Yes Our Mantra Any Decline Or Panic Session Only
Buy, One Big FUND HOUSE… Start Buying

UPSIDE TARGET_____1115_______1127


Yes, Any Decline Or panic Sesssion  Only Buy SUNPHARMA, & Relax !!!

Our Support @ 872______-865, Keeep Stoploss & Go LONG,
Our TARGET 890_______905

Updated At 8:40 Am 14/ Oct /Delhi/India

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