Stock Trading strategy For 15 Oct ,Yes GRAP AUROBINDO @ Opening Bell , Below 255 TATASTEEL Honeymoon is Over , L&T Looking So Tired, On RISE ONLY SELL SELL SELL,jai ho!!!


GRAP AUROBINDO @ Opening Bell, & Relax,  Above 805  , Will Zoooooooooooom to kiss 817_822 Thereafter More firework


YES  ON UPSIDE, You Can Take Risk of 10-15 Rs, SELL NEAR 1548_1555

With Stoploss of 1567

Will Slide Upto________1521______1513


Yes Below 255 , Now HoneyMoon Is over,  Yes, Keeep Stoplosss of 259_262

& Go Short,  Will Seeeeeeeee Panic Slide Upto_241_236

Updated At 9:01 Am 15/ Oct /Delhi/India

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