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Stock Trading strategy For 19 Oct ,Yes GRAP INFY & DRREDDY @ Opening Bell, JUST DIAL Below 1040 Only SELL , Yes I love GLENMARK, Above 1035


GRAP INFY @ OPENING BELL, Above 1105,  Keeeeep Stoploss Of  1090_1085

& Go Long, Our Target_1128____1135  Thereafter More firework !!


Yes , Keep Stoploss of 1025_____1018, Buy Glenmark Above 1035, Just Grap @ Opening Bell
Will Zoooooooooom To kiss 1062__1075


looking So Hot-3

Yes HEADING TOWARDS  4650, Yes  One Thing Is Sure Any Decline or Panic Sesssion
Our Mantra Only Buy,  Yes Above 4330,

Our TARGET_____4390___4430


Yes  Yes below 1040 , Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee HONEYMOON OVER,

Will Slide Upto________1024__1016

Updated At 9:10 Am 20/OCT/Delhi/India

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