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Stock Trading strategy For 26Oct , GRAP LT @ Opening Bell, ,Now Honeymoon is over In TATAMOTOR , Yes ARVIND LOOKING WEAK,, Trade With level, JAI HO!!


YES GRAP @ OPENING BELL,  Our Support Level, @ 1505____1490, buy & Relax !!

Will Zoooooooom to kiss 1536____1542


YES Looking TIRED @ HIGHER LEVEL   Yes Below 388,  Yes Only SELL,
Keeep Stoploss of 396_400 On CLosing Basis Go SHORT

Will Seeeeeeeee Panic Slide Upto______373____366


LAXMAN REKHA @ 296_298

Yes Below 290 Only Sell, Yes Willlllllll Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Panic
Upto 279____275

Updated At 9:00 Am 26/OCT/Delhi/India

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