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Learning the basics of stock picking should be the starting point for any Trader And that’s why we have put together this unique resource, which promises to help you achieve just that! We are sure this will go a long way in helping you become a better trader!



Our Team, Deeply Analysis Market behaviour , and also try to understand the behaviour of traders What they are thinking and what they are doing on different Level

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Share Market overviews

First of all we need to take an intro to stock market in which we’ll see how stock market works and what kind of different strategies we can adopt to trade in share markets. This will be an overview of share markets in which you’ll learn all the basic concepts of stock markets like from opening an account to buying an selling in live market sessions.

Duration : 4 Hours
Price :Free  ( Saturday & Sunday)


Advance Technical Analysis

CourseAfter introduction we’ll proceed in deep with our course. This module will cover all the basic to advance concepts of technical analysis in which we’ll learn how to trade markets using technical charts. You’ll learn all chart patterns including indicators, oscillators, moving averages and sentimental indicators like CBOe., VIX & PCR. This session will turn you into the Pro. Technical Analyst.

Duration : 20 Hours


Advance Option Strategies

At last we’ll learn making advance option strategies to make your trades more successful and profitable. We’ll learn making strategies like inverse, diagonal, spread strangle, condor, combinations, covered calls/puts, cash secured calls, skip strike butterfly and many more.
Duration : 20 Hours

Duration : 20 Hours
Price :


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