Trading Strategy for 30 May, Be Caution @ higher Level, With in 1 to 2 days, Rally can be Over, I love Jswsteel & HPCL Buy & Forget & I Hate LT, On Rise Only SELL & RELAX for 2 -3 Days !! jai ho!!

Daily-Strategy-1Last Closed @ 8172
One GAP is will Fill 8236 on Spot!!
Yes HEADING TOWARDS 8230_____8276 Level,  Yes Not interested to Buy,
We Cut All , Over Buy Position Above 8130….
& Slowly Slowly Making SELL POSITION ,  Yes, RSI INDICATING THAT, Be Caution
Higher Level,

Buy Put,8200 Or 8100 Or 8000, Any Decline Only Buy,


YES LAXMAN REKHA @ 891_________895

Go Short, Near 886__890 Take Small Risk,,,  because
Above 895, Big TOOOFAN RALLY  WILL START,,,,,  Upto_________935_940


Yes , Don’t Ask the Reason ,  Just SELL LT FUTURE & RELAX…. for 2- 3 DAYS
if Open Around  1486___1500, Go Short In Tons..& Relax.

Will See panic Slide Upto_1446_1430 level, !!

es Keeep Stoploss of 310, & Go Long,  Upside ,  Our Target_____321_325
yes Around 323_325, Is our Laxman Rekha zone,
Don’t forget,
Any Decline or Panic Session Just Keep Eyes on 310 Level, !

Hind-petroLast closed @ 931

Yes Any Decline or Panic Session , Our Mantra only Buy,
Our Crucial Support Zone 917___910

Above 936, Will Zooooooooooom to kiss 970______986 Level, !!

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Updated At 8:55 Am 30/ MAY /Delhi/India

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