Yes No Doubt..We traped Yesterday In TATAELXI… & Today We Exit. Lupin Mint Great money,, from 1604 To 1630 & 1600 Call Moved from 56 to 71, jai ho!!


Yes We no Doubt We trapped In TATA-ELXI. Today We have Exit.. From TATA-ELXI.
Here is the Our Screen Shot… We Don’t Lie….
Which stock  We  Given On my Blog..We also trade on Our Calls

Yesterday No father Told, Sell Nifty future , Below 8005. As Expected.. Nifty Crashed 100 Pts..
After Our Sell update- Click Here
Today As Expected JUBLEFOOD. & TATA_ELXI. Kissed Upper TARGET &
Crashed Vertically

Today  TATA_ELXI Moved from 1920 To 1953
Here is jublefood, Calls   MADe low 1165 & TAKE U TURN !!!!

lupin ... buy call msg...LUPIN KISSED from 1602 to 1629 LEVEL…!!!!

Updated At 12:50 Am 29/April/Delhi/India

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