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Vision is the most important sense for birds,good eyesight is essential for safe flight,

“Proprietary Trader and Technical Analyst Pankaj Bhardwaj Has Travelled Across the Globe,Delivering Insights and Analysis Of Capital Markets. The Ultimate high For An Analyst is when his Trade Idea goes RIGHT! On the Other hand, The Most Challenging Part is Being Able To Detect The Market Trend.”

In the Year 2008,,Twenty Year Old Pankaj Bhardwaj Mehta waited with bated breath for his father to come back from work.This was soon after the Break Out of Harshad Mehta’s stock manipulation scheme, that rocked the Indian Markets.Pankaj’s father was one the many investors who had picked the pieces but Scam affected Pankaj in a very different way- He began to Develop an interest in the concept of volatility in Stock Exchanges.Every day sfter college , he would skim through the Economic Times,trying to understand the picture of graphs and the up & down arrows against the Stock’s name. After reading and story of ketan parekh sacm in 2008,i knew Enough to understand our portfolios from getting made me wonder- was it possible that someone made money on the downfall of the market.

This led to a dedicated pursuit of the answer in the short run,and a successful career as proprietary trader and analyst in long run.On the way,Pankaj obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Institute of Management and Research. Pankaj also Worked under sub broker of Shri Parasram Holdings Pvt. Ltd.In 2009, he joined Bazarclicks Research Pvt Ltd,in banglore, and at the same time started Writing Blog for Day trader and Positional Trader.After researching on US market and Europeon Market .He also started future forecasting journey on Indian stock market by predicting Nifty’s future daily movement., he discovered so many charting techniques & strategies by using Gann Angles and Harmonic Waves With Fibonacci Ratios. He found that everything is hidden in the chart, One just needs to Track on right time with the right method .

Trading is a tough field to be in , almost like An Every Day Gamble.He Sums up with Some general investment Advice-‘India is a growth story in the making. in case of lack of knowledge.educate yourself instead of taking ‘tips’ from Sources. Be patient,treat the Trading activity as a Business and not as a Casino.The Way you treat It, the same way it will response.

somebody said it right that “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

He does not care about the Market Trend, whether Market is bullish or bearish, he knows how to deal with both the scenarios in the best way. He uses Chart Study,algorithms,knowledge and experience to choose stocks where he believes the probability of success will be in his favour and his aim is to provide Good opportunities to make money with low risk.Many people are Using his paid services for commodity and stock Tips Via SMS and phone.He always work as per Client’s need.

Stock Market is the game of lion hearted people. Everyone outside is crazy about the stock / commodity market thinking money could be made easily here. But, after entering into the market they realise money making is almost impossible.Stock Market is a game of hide & seek, if you don’t have strong hide out, then you would be losing through out of the game. If you are on the wrong side, you lose the game, then who will be there to save you ?

“Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

Working in the stock market for anyone can be an ultimate experience which one cannot experience apart from this place.This place makes people’s dreams come true.Let’s talk about Wall street, so we can say whether you are an employee or you are an investor, that doesn’t matter, you can make a Ferrari out of a Ford Fiesta, hence if you are moving in a Ford Fiesta or in a bicycle you can walk out in a Ferrari but this all depends on your luck. It’s like walking in a Casino, like you go without clothes and if your luck works, you walk out taking millions and an Armani Suit, the only difference between Casinos and Wall street is that in casinos all you need to win is your luck, but in wall street, all you need is just a professional advice to work out and win. And if you need the professional advice, don’t ever hesitate to contact a professional, because right advice can make you win, but foolish advice can make you lose. Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Consulting a professional like Him can be a very good choice, if you are trying to get in touch with him regarding risky matters, as concerned it is clearly stated that the risk comes from not knowing, hence you need to consult a person who knows everything and who knows where there is risk, there should be a way to cope up with it and get your deal done or get your money produced.

Note: He is Not Associated With any Advisory firm which basically provides recommendations on securities traded in Indian Stock Exchange.