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Bank Nifty Future Direction For 19 Aug , Above 18935 Dead Cat Bounce,, I Love Ceat , Yes Lupin & Wockhard Looking Tired @ higher level, Now What To Do ??


Yesterday High Or Low Is very Very Crucial , Yes We Seeeeeeeeeeeee  DEAD CAT BOUNCE Above
18935 , Once Cross Then We See 19005______19135

ceatI Love Ceat DO U know From 800 We Are Long In CEAT   & OUR ULTIMATE  TARGET

Yes, Above 1097  Our TARGET_1145_______1167

Thereafter more fire work. ITS OUR BTST CALL YESTERDAY


Last closed @ 1672

Yes below 1658  We Seeeeeeeeeeeeee Panic Slide Upto_____1630_1617

Yes Looking Tired @ Higher Level


Last Cosed 1753

Lupin Below 1770  Looking So Weak, Yes ON RISE OUR MANTRA ONLY SELL

We Seeeee Panic Slide Upto 1721_1690

Updated At 9:07 Am 19/AUG /Delhi/India

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