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Bank Nifty Future Direction For 3 Aug Above 19005 Intraday Spike , Will Fireeeeeee, GRAP, TECHM @ Opening Bell, & I Love WOCKHARDPHARMA Buy & Forget


Yes No Doubt   Above 19005 We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Rally Upto_________19265_____19315

Lower Support @  18960_____18880


NO SHORT PLEASE, Totally Worst is Over,  Yes, Something Will Come Out Good In Coming Days,

YES CATCH AT Opening Bell , Above 532 ,  Go Long,
Will Zooooooom To Kiss 545____556

If u have Holding Power Keeep Stoploss of 508 &  Forget,


GRAP @ OPENING BELL If  U Can  Above 1572, We Seeeeeeeeeee Big Blasssst upto 1627_____1645

Your Stoploss will Be 1540

Updated At 7:30 Am 3/AUG /Delhi/India

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