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Bank Nifty Future Direction For 5 Aug Above 19005 , Only Buy, Yes, I Love REL_INFRA & M&M Grap @ Opening Bell, & SRTRANSPORT Above 924 REAL FIRE WORK



Yesterday Low’s & Higher very Very Crucial,  Yes, One thing Is sure,
Something Cooking Very BIG,

19315 Will Act As Laxman REKHA

But Above 19005  Lion Heart Trader Keeep Stoploss of 18860  and take Risk of 70 Pts

Yes Once Cross Yesterday High then only We Seeee Blassst




Above 1360   JUST GRAP IT,  ANY TIMES We Seeeeeeeeeee

Blasssssssst upto_1390__1405


GRAP @ OPENING BELL,  Yes Above 421  No Woory @ ALL,
If you are Positional Trader

Keeep Stoploss of 410  & GO LONG,

OUR TARGET 456__________463    YES ULTIMATE TARGET _502


Last Closed @ 830

Keeeep Stoploss of 809_________805  & Go Long,

Yes Try Your Luck @ Lower Level,  842 is Our Laxman REKHA

Intraday Trader GRAP @ Opening Bell With Stoploss of 809

Our TARGET_856_870


Updated At 9:00 Am 5/AUG /Delhi/India

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