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Bank Nifty Future Direction For 6 Aug Laxman Rekha19315, Yes, I Love Sunpharma Above 840 Grap @ Opening Bell, Reliance Below 980 Who Will Save, Hcl Tech looking Weak Below 927


Don’t FORGET OUR LAXMAN REKHA 19315  Real Bull vala Power Will Come Only Above 19315, Once Cross

Then only We Seeee Blasssst

Our Mantra Any Deline Or Panic Session Only Buy Range of 18700____18600


Yeterday Already TOLD You GRAP @ Opening Bell,

Yes Grap @ Opening Bell Above 840 Will Zoooooom To Kisss 856_____870

Lower Support 826_____820

Reliance-Buy Call

Reliance Below 980 Panic Will be Continue,   Face Hurdle @ 1006_______1115 ,

Panic Slide Upto___964________952


Yes  Crucial Support @ 927___________921,

Once Break 921 We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee Panic Slide Upto____913_905

Lion Heart Trader Go Short Below 927 Keeep SL 945

Updated At 8:55 Am 6/AUG /Delhi/India

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