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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for -1-Aug,  ,Below 15156, Intraday Panic  Will be Start,,,, Below 2420, Who Will Save SBIN,, I lOVE IRB,IB REALEST,

  Below 15376,  Little Bit Panic On Card,,

But Our Crucial Support @ 15238______15156

Once Break 15156, We Seeeeeeee Slideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, Once Break 14900, We Seeeee Big Panic On CARD !!!

Crucial Support @ 2427_______________2418

Once Break 2418, Then WHo Will Save  ,We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Panic SLide Upto_____2378____________2369

Day Before Yesterday We Boldly Writter, On Same Day, Crashed,
& Kissed Lower Target!

YES, Below  271, More Panic ON CARD !!!!!!

We  Seeee 265_________261

Updated At 8:55 Am 1/Aug/Delhi/India

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