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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 13-June, Above 15600, Just Relax.  GRAP @ AUROBINDO, BIOCON, & Opening Bell,  RANBAXY LAXMAN REKHA 472

Yes, Above 15600, Just Relax, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Crucial Support @ 15430______________15376
Yes, Once Break 13376, Then Only We Seeeee Intraday Panic 

Day Before yesterday We Boldly Update, Buy AUROBINDO  & RELAX

Do U Know We Are Shouting From level, 580, Buy & Forget, We Seee
735 levels,

Yes, GRAP @ OPENING BELL Above 700, Just Relax, Will Zooooooom To Kissss 735_____742
GRAP @ Opening Bell Above 500,  , Yes Sure, Something Is very Very Big,
We Seeeeee 517_________525 Level,

Don’t Panic @ Lower Level,

LAXMAN Rekha @ 472,  YES, ONCE CROSS 472, Then Only We 
Yes, Something Is Coooking very Big In RANBAXY,  BE READY FOR BIG 

upto________490___496  Thereafter More Fire 

Updated At 08:50 Am 13/June/Delhi/India

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