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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 25-APRIL, Above 13005,Just Relax,Will Zooooom to Kissss 13460_________13535  Catch TATASTEEL @ Opening Bell,

As Expected Crossed 13005, Our Laxman Rekha, & Closed
Above This Level , Indicate Good Sign Of Bull TREND
Yes, Above 13005, Go Long  Our Crucial Support @ 12950_______12870

Yes, Many Banking Stock Showing Strenth!!!!

Above 13005, Our Target_13470____________13535

Buy TATASTEEL, @ Opening Bell, Above 427, Will Zooooom to Kisss 435_442,
Thereafter More Firework Upto___________ 447_452

Yes, Cucial Support In ADANIENTERPRISE  430___________428,
Yes, Below 437, No buying @ ALL,

Suppose Not Cross 445, & Stay Below 337, Will Take Tooo_419________417___________413

Updated At 8:55 Am 25/April/Delhi/India

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