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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 30-APRIL,Yesterday Low Is Very very Crucial, but Only For Intraday Panic,

Above Is The Chart of Bank Nifty Future Chat,,

YesOne Thing Is Sure, In Next Trading We Seeeeee Something BIG 

All Over Trend Is Up Up Up Up 

But For Intraday panic , Below 12970,  Upto_______12900____12850

HURDLE @ 13056

Crucial Support @ 232_________228, Yes, In Decline We Will Not Panic @ Lower  Level,

Our Target_________270+ Yes, We Are LONG ON BANK INDIA!!

Crucial Support @ 780_____777, 

Yes Below 770 We Seee Panic panic Panic Upto_765___760
Yes Keeep Stoploss of 792_795

Updated At 8:40 Am 30/April/Delhi/India

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