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BankNifty Future Roadmap for 11 April, Crucial Support At 21370_21230, Sell REC-LTD @ Opening Bell, I Love TATAMOTORD DVR, Buy & FORGET, & DIVISLAB Above 950 Go Long,

Last closed at 21558
Yesterday Our Buying Range Hit 21370  & TAKEN U TURN ,  TODAY TODAY AGAIN
just Keep Eyes On

Today Any Decline or Panic Sesssion Only Buy Our Crucial Support Buying
Range 21370___21230

Yes  sell @ Opening BELL  Below 184 Seeeeeeeeeeee Upside 
Slide Upto  176 ____174.30
Keep SL 186.30

Last closed at 290.30

Yes Buy TATAMOTOR DVR  & RELAX,  Above 290, Willllllllllll
Zoooooooooooooom to kiss 305__311 Level

Commodity TipsLast closed 658
Any Decline Or Panic Session Keeep Stoploss of 636________632  & Go Long ,
Above 650,  Will fireeeeeeeeeeee upto_____690_730 Level

CRUCIAL SUPPORT AT  280_280 , Yes   Lion Heart Trader, Can take Risk for Buy Side
But Take Small Risk for buy Side

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Updated At 8:20Am  11/ APRIL/Delhi/India

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