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Copper-Comex, As Expected Crashed Vertically Yesterday In Comex,& Taken U turn, Now What To Expect???

On 13-Aug,

As Expected Copper Comex, Danced On Our Chart Tunes, Yesterday Crashed Vertically, 
& were 1.50% Down In Comex, Market,

Our Mcx Trader Were Short With SL 452, $ We Short @ 449,,

Yes But We Boldly Written On Wednesday, Night, Dont Take Any Overnight Risk On Copper,
Only Forex Trader Can Hold Our Copper Comex Sell Call,

Yes Once Cross 452, & Stay Above This Leve , Weeee Seee
Blast Upto_458____462,Your Stoploss  449_____448
Be Caution @ higher Level,

Updated At 9:35 Am 16/Aug/Delhi/India

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