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Copper-Mcx:  As Expected Copper TAKEN U TURN FROM LOWER LEVEL,   Our Support Zone Were 332_________328, Now @ 351, What To DO ????


WEEKLY CopperChart
Already  Told  To Our Subscriber, Via Sms @ Lower Level,  
Our Lower Support Were 332_______328

YES< MARK MY WORD,, 332______________328  Is Very Very Crucial Level

In Feb MONTH, 

Then Worst Will Be OVER, & We Seeeeeeeeeeeeee 385__________400
In Coming Says !!!

Now Trading @ 351, YES  Above 348,   Just Relax,

No Woory @ All, 

Any Decline Or Panic Our Mantra Only Buy  & Relax !!!!!

Updated At 3:15 Pm /3feb/Delhi/India

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