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Crude -Mcx: As Expected Blasst From 3040 To 3235, Yes, In Just 24 Hours We EAT AGAIN 200 PTS IN CRUDE,

Yesterday Night We Boldly Written On Our BLOG, & Givem MSG,
To Subscriber,

Yes Buy Crude @ 3040, & Relax !!!

Two Day Back Boldly Written 

Crude-Mcx:   Yes 3060_____3092, Is Our Laxman REKHA, ZONE,,In COMEX 50$ Will Act Laxman REKHA  Now What To Expect ????

Yes,, Now, Crude Blasssssssssssssssssssssssssssst  from 3040 TO 3200

Updated At 10:50 Am 26/MARCH/Delhi/India

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