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Crude-Ngas Update: Looking HOT,Can We See  Big Move AGAIN???

Already Updated To Subscriber, OUR LAXMAN REKHA @ 6136,

Once Cross & Stay Above This Level We See Blasssssssssssssst

Yes, Now Trading @ 6150, 

Crucial Support @ 6080_6050, Already Told You Strategy To Subscriber,

Yesterday Night Already Updated,  For Positional  Trader,

Just Relax, Make Position @ 323.80 & Add More 320, KEEP SL 318_315
GO Long,, We Seeee Blasssssssst  upto_____342_347,

Now Trading @ 332, Yes Above 330, Just Relaxxxx

Yes WILL ZOOOOOOM TO KISS  AGAIN  347_______352,

Lower Supposrt @ 324______318,

Updated At 5:47 pm 6/Feb/Delhi/India

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