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Gold-Comex:   yes, WILL SEEE 50$ Move In Next Week,  Don’t panic @ Lower Level,, Now What To Expect????

Now Gold Is Trading @ 27500,  & Above 27200, In Mcx,
 No Woory @ All,  

Yes Yes  We Seeeeeeeeeee very Very BIg MOVE ON CARD,   Any Decline Or Panic Session OUR MANTRA ONLY BUY !!!

UPSIDE RALLY ZOOOOOOm UPTO__________- 28030_28327

Note: Its  Not a Signal Day Game, Will take Time, & will Blasssssst

Above is The Chart of Gold Comex,   Lower Support @  1242_________1236

JUST RELAX  HEADING TOWARDS 1290___________1306

Will Update More To Subscriber Via SMS !!!

Updated At 6:40 pm 16/Jan/Delhi/India

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